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Trans a treviso escort a sassari

trans a treviso escort a sassari

it appear in any of the police photographs. 27 Naples: A group of organised unemployed workers occupy the party offices of the Communist Party in protest against the politics of the Left junta. November 5 Rome: Two women throw molotovs against an obstetricians study. These points are all valid, but taken individually they cannot put in doubt the fact that our revolutionary task is that of pushing the exploited towards rebellion and the struggle against the exploiters, not to daydream about the possibility. A move ment which has singled out, perhaps instinctively, perhaps not clear in its complexity, but certainly with precision, the enemy present not only in the repressive apparatus of the State and the governors most in evidence. February 12 Enna: Three molotovs explode against MSI premises the day after Almirantes visit. 16 Rome:.30 am, in via Fani, a Red Brigades column attack the car escort of Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro. 31 Nuoro: Police vice-superintendent and an inspector are attacked w hen leaving the prison after giving their New Year greetings to the warders. Certainly strategic choices are not separate from the fundamen tal anarchist analysis, which when it is placed in reality becomes an indispensable part of revolutionary intervention. trans a treviso escort a sassari


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